To build your new website you can choose from three webdesign packages. Every package guarantees an excellent service and best quality. You will discover how a professional website will result in more business opportunities. This is the easiest and fastest way to earn back your investment!

    Fantastic design

  • Responsive web design so perfect for mobile & tablet 

  • Customized design of our successful structures 

  • Perfectly formatted by a professional designer 

  • Flexible content blocks on the homepage 

  • Entirely in your own style so unique 100% 

  • Includes professional photos via 

  • Dynamic slideshows for some movement 

    Easy management system ( CMS)

  • Powerful open source CMS where you are going to love 

  • Multi-User option so you can collaborate on the website 

  • Tablet optimized so also update your tablet via your website 

  • No technical knowledge is really quite simple 

  • All content is editable not only text 

  • Preview function check the results ( per device ! ) For publication 

  • Roll-back function to go back to the previous version 

  • Safe and stable because we indeed update the bunch! 

  • Technically optimized for Google 

  • Create and edit pages unlimited 

  • Subpages and dropdown menus for even more pages 

  • Post pictures as much as you want 

  • Youtube videos piece of cake 

  • link & Call to Action Buttons 

  • Insert modules for even greater dynamism 

  • CMS trash if you make a mistake you can put it back 

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    SEO & discoverability

  • Automatic registration at Google for fast indexing 

  • Google analytics link to see how many visitors you have 

  • Search engine friendly URLs makes it easier to find you 

  • Keyword checker set for each page the keywords perfectly 

  • Meta Description Generator for perfect viewing in Google 

  • Automatic sitemap generator all indexed ! 

  • 301 redirect generator so pages remain always discoverable 

  • Redirect Import to replace old URLs 

  • Alternative URL generator because it is sometimes necessary 

  • Custom 404 page to avoid disappointment 

  • 404 Bounce monitor so you can intervene immediately 

  • Dynamic robots.txt file for techies 

    Hosting, service & updates

  • Unlimited service by email or telephone 

  • TeamViewer remote assistance service 

  • Response guarantee within 4 hours 

  • Move your own domain name or register a new 

  • 2,000 MB storage space for your website 

  • 4,000 MB storage for your emails 

  • Up to 20 email accounts with your domain name 

  • Webmail environment anywhere in the world at your mail 

  • imap & pop3 easy to set up each device 

  • Office 365 / Exchange and Google Apps linking possible 

  • Daily backups for the security 

  • Periodic technical updates for Google 

  • Updates are always the first 

  • EN Manual included in the CMS 

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