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Social Media Management can be time consuming, confusing and requires a complex understanding of technology to be successful.

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Social Media Management can be time consuming, confusing and requires a complex understanding of technology to be successful.


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Important Reasons to Redesign Your Website

1. Your Content Management System or Website Technology Is Out of Date It has been said that one human year equals at least four Internet years. That’s how fast technology is progressing, however some website platforms and content management systems...
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How Do Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Build Their Websites? (Infographic)

If you are going to build a business, you are going to have to build a website. So, where do you start? How do you even begin? If you aren’t going to build your own website one line of code at a time — engineers get paid top dollar to do this — then you...
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How Often Should I Update My Website?

Q: How often should I update my website? A: I take it your question is rooted in the buzz over how best to boost your search engine ranking. It’s true that a steady stream of new posts and content can attract links from other websites and boost your search...
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4 Ways to Generate More Money From Your Website

Whether you are a product- or service-based business, you will most likely have a website or are in the process of creating one. While I teach entrepreneurs how to create their own DIY website, I’ve noticed that once they have mastered the steps, there is always one...
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5 Things You Can Learn From a Poorly Designed Website

1. Do everything you can to reduce the number of clicks. From the “Sixth grade homework” page, where he was told all assignments would be linked, he has to click through three pages to reach the math assignments. Those math assignments should be directly linked from...
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Redesigning Your Website in 2015? Start By Asking These 5 Questions.

When you ask the right questions from the get-go, you can save time, frustration and dollars in the long run. As we head into 2015, here are the five most important ones to consider before you get started. 1. What is the goal of the new website? Before you embark on...
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5 min read 5 Secrets for Creating an Award-Winning Website

1. Utilize white space. To audiences, a website should come across as sleek, sophisticated and user-friendly. Thus, you should intentionally and strategically utilize white space throughout your site to highlight key elements of each page and make the content pop....
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Reasons Social Media Marketing Should Top Your To-Do List

1.)   You get to see your target market, up close and personal. Part of what makes marketing with Facebook and Twitter so cool is the interaction you get to have with your customer base – you can read their tweets and status updates to get insights into their daily...
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Reasons your business NEEDS a professional website!

1. YOUR SMALL BUSINESS WILL GAIN CREDIBILITY Today, more and more consumers use the internet to search for the products or services they need. Your small business will gain credibility by having a website. Without one, potential customers will go to your competitors...
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